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Queuing system

Queue Systems – For an active wait

The company Payam Saman is the Exclusive representative of Nemo-Q International AB in Iran.

To give the customer an added value to the duration of their wait as well as lowering the perceived time of waiting, a variety of different queuing systems can be used. It can vary from a small simple system for a single cashier and customer group up to a very advanced system with hundreds of cashiers on different floors, different locations and for different customer groups.

The basic idea is the same for all queue systems. Each customer takes a ticket number which represents their turn in the queue line. The customer then doesn’t have to stand in line and take up valuable store space; instead it allows the customer to for example sit and read a brochure, a book or to watch a customer-TV until their number is shown on the display or on the customer-TV.

All queuing systems are customized to fit your organizations specific needs. More often than not they are also combined with different types of additional  features such as text messaging or web applications. With the text messaging feature, you receive  a queue number by text and then an additional text when it is time to proceed to the place of service. Via the web application the customer can make a web-booking  for a certain time, or get in line in a web queue by taking a ticket number on the homepage  of the place of service. By doing this the customer had “taken its place in line” before even leaving their home.

All systems are combinable with statistics to give an overview as for the total customer flow within your organization. With this you then have the possibility to redirect your resources toward an improved service at a lower cost.

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