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Payam-SamanCo is a company of Network Services Development;its registration number is 188,068 in 2002. It was established in Tehran the same year,with the aim of creating, building and developing operational systems, worth added services on mobile phone  such as SMS, Voice Mail, with the cooperation of Iranian experts local and abroad.


Payam Saman, over the past year has distributed creative, high quality and state-of-the-art networking products. We have provided the Iranian market, companies and enterprises with well designed, innovative and cost effective networking solutions. Payam  Saman has arranged a complete portfolio of networking products for building up customer tailored solutions within:
Queue Management and Reception Solutions including statistical tools and customer TV: the first in Iran,  with more than two hundred installed system across Iran.
Safe-deposit box system: installations of electronic self- service method knew a full success.
And in these regards, the company obtained the exclusive representatives fromCompany in Sweden, Norway and Hungary.

Exclusive representation

The company obtained appropriate business relationshipson behalf of several European companies. It’s abouttechnical and financial support.
Nemo-Q International AB: within 30 years of business, it is a pioneer Queue Management Systems for every situation and is a Swedish owned and operated Electronics Company. Their area of expertise begins with the traditional queue ticket  and extends to more advanced systems that provide companies with statistics and analysis of customer flow on a corporate level. Payam-Saman is their exclusive representative in Iran.
Robur SafeCompany: one of the most famous companies in the world in electronic safe- deposit box system. Their systems use Card Reader, Finger Print reader, can serve 24-hour, and all events are controlled and saved in a database server. Payam-Saman  is the first who introduced this kind of system in Iran by this company.
Minor company in Hungary: They produceindoor and outdoor notification kiosk.


The following list is not exhaustive:

  • Bank Keshaverzi

  • Bank Eqtesade Novin

  • Bank meli

  • Bank Sepah

  • Bank  Maskan

  • Bank Sana’at va madan

  • German Embassy

  • Sweden Embassy

  • Emirates Airlines

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Air France

  • Iran customs

  • Water and sewage

  • Social Insurance

  • NHS Insurance

  • Transportation Co Tyde Water Services

  • Transportation Co Maersk

  • Ophthalmology clinics Vanak

  • Iran Khodro client service

  • Retirement center

  • Tehran Municipalities

  • Investment Company Bank Sepah

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